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Welcome to our New House...

Hello and welcome to our blog.
It's exciting times as we are going to build a new home!

Starting this month, we will put the plans, drawn up by our designer Jason Kerr, of Black Peak Design, Wanaka, into action.

profiles set up to mark the foundation
digging the footings with Murray on the digger

steel reinforcing is placed into the footing trenches

Next, we'll have to pour concrete into the trenches, then the blocklayer, Dave Harwood and his crew, will come and lay two rows of blocks to form the outside of the footing.

Pumping the concrete into the blocks to fill all voids

troweled off to make a clean connection to the floor slab

we'have been busy in the meanwhile:
drains and sewer pipes were laid under the hardfill to what will be toilettes, showers, sinks, ..

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